ProDog Massage             

      About Me  

     I have been a Board Certified, Licensed and Insured Animal Massage 
     Therapist since 2011. My education was through the Northwest School of 
     Animal Massage where studies include; animal behavior, anatomy, physiology,    
     kinesiology, massage techniques and practices and first aid. One of the most    
      important elements 
in determining the quality of an animal massage therapist beyond
      proper animal massage training, is the intent o
f the practitioner. My intent originates
      from a place of pure gratitude and love my best friend growing up, my 
dog Gretchen.
      Since childhood I have had a love of animals. My passion has always been dogs and
      growing up my 
best friend was my black lab Gretchen. Gretchen provided me with the
      kind of friendship every 10 year old needs. 
Gretchen accepted me for who I was and
      provided me with unconditional and trustworthy friendship. Her 
commitment to me has
      always remained in my heart and I have always felt a need to somehow repay her for that.  
      Thus the quest for working with dogs began.
                    The connection I feel  working as an Animal Massage Therapist fulfills me and makes
                    me smile which is all I can ask for in life.
                    Through Massage, I am able to help dogs to live their best life.

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